People Outsourcing

We can send out the available staff at the client’s request. This may be one person – a specialist in a given field - who can either work alone or join and help an existing team set up by the client. This can also involve a group of persons, or even a complete team, who is sent to the client’s premises to manage a specific project.

We have a large pool with varied and specific skills, ranging from junior to senior:  Analysts, programmer analysts, business architects, consultants, project managers, software architects, technical project managers, technical writers, training specialists, user support agents, web designers, etc.

Our HR department is screening CVs and interviewing candidates. They also manage the planning of the resources and proactively plan future demand in order to ensure that the right people are available at the right time. Employees are sent in accordance with the requirement of the client. Employees who are comfortable and best in a particular field are sent to their respective fields. This gives an added advantage to the companies or the organizations who collaborate with us in the manner that they can concentrate on their own business and increase their productivity as much as they can and our members who will be present their will do the work without their help once the problem or the work that has to be done is understood.







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Developed Software

We develope our softwares and services after well planning. The life cycle is being followed strictly for any software development.