Financial ERP

 We worry about organizing our finances because one mistake could land us in the poorhouse while one triumph could erase any money worries we might have for the rest of our lives. Being financially secure is a comfortable position to be in. With the help of personal finance software and solid financial advice, you’re on your way.

Personal financial software can give you a clear picture of where your money is going, where it is, and where it has been with graphs and reports. When it comes to planning your financial future, these reports are priceless. You can manage your portfolio and 401k; pay your bills and bank online by trading bonds, mutual funds and stocks. Receive current tax articles, real-time stock reports and other information to help you make good financial choices and wisely direct your money. Send this data to tax software to be better prepared for tax season. Ideal personal finance software provides ample user-friendly features, allowing you to manage every aspect of your finances, including your accounts, investments, future plans and taxes. The software should also provide current information on tax laws and stock reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Below are some REVIEWS used to evaluate personal finance software.

Ease of Use: Personal finance software must be extremely easy to use, allowing you to track transitions, set up accounts and see detailed reports.

Banking & Bills: Online banking, a bill pay service and the ability to import all account data including transactions right into the software, are the tools needed to make wise money decisions. The best personal finance software allows you to manage your savings and checking accounts as well as your loan, credit card and mortgage accounts.

Reporting: Reports are the culminating event to weeks, months and years of dedicated money management. Pie charts and line graphs within the personal finance software illustrate cash flow, personal investing and all additional transactions. The ability to see exactly where your money is going is essential when trying to decide where to cut back in order to save.

Help & Support: In order for all of your questions to be answered in a timely manner, an online user manual, customer forum, email support system and even an integrated help section must be provided by personal finance software.

Archiving & Security: Security is an extremely important feature for your personal budgeting software to provide. Your account numbers, personal information and other bank information are used to set up and manage accounts within the personal finance software. Having archived financial files saved and categorized is perfect for tax season, or if, by chance, you happen to be audited.





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