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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing ranking of a website of website’s page that eventually improves the visibility /visits/ traffic and sale website. We need to follow search engines guidelines (Google). SEO is a part of Internet /online marketing. It is free and use to improve organic traffic of website. SEO is one of the best ways to improve online business.

Search engine works on keywords. When a user search for their requirement in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing then search engine find the content that contains the keywords and give results to user. Generally, people search and get SERPs and click only top 3-5 result or hardly top 10 results means first page in search engine. If a website is not on first page in search engine then no benefit from website for business. We will use SEO to improve the ranking of website so that it will come on first page in search engines.

There are two parts of SEO- On Page SEO and Off page SEO. Both of them are essential for improving the ranking of a website. On page SEO is related to the activities that we do on our website / web page like content optimization, image optimization, internal linking, site navigation, 404 detection, robots.txt, xml sitemap and so on. Creating back link for our website or website pages is known as Off page SEO. There are a lot of ways for making links such as social bookmarking, blog comments, directory submission, article submission, RSS submission, link building, classified, blogging, web 2.0 and so on.

SEO is started by Google and now work for all major search engines. There are various guidelines for SEO given by Google. There are a lot of companies guarantee for providing the result of the SEO but on one can for SEO. It is a slow process and takes time because there are millions of websites for Google to crawlers to crawl and give rank to them. The organic way of the search engine optimization always becomes fruitful in getting the good result. It follows the guidelines of the Search Engine sincerely and works for improving the rank of the website. The rank gained through Organic SEO persists for a long time in spite of changes in the algorithms of the Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization is the best method for making the online business a success by gaining traffic and increasing the conversion rate. This helps in improving the profit and flourishing the business.



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