Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Process outsourcing (BPO) is a way of contracting services of operations and department functions to a third-party for specific business functions. High growth in the industry from past some years has brought a lot of progress in economical and social sectors in India. India is the hub for IT software industry in the world. India has highly skilled professionals and cheap man power due to this foreign countries like UK, USA, Australia etc. outsource their work to India.

At start, Indian BPO was limited to outsourcing processes like payrolls. In these days, due to lack of work and freedom for work Indian BPO also include core work too. Today, a business Process outsourcing Services Company in India can do outsourcing financial, administration processes, IT, human resources (HR) functions, call center and customer care activities, accounting, payroll and so on.

The gradual and steady growth in the BPO industry has led a lot of companies to outsource the financial and administration processes like human resources (HR), call center and customer care, accounting and payroll. With the Business Process outsourcing services divided into two kinds as back office and front office outsourcing. Payroll, billing, logistics, accounting and human resources come under the back office and technical support, customer services, marketing and advertising are come under front office. Some of business outsourcing companies also provides their services in credit analysis and job recruitment services.

Due to high technical manpower that offer 24x7 quality, technical and customer support services, the BPO market in India is growing fast. With the change of time, the firms have become more demanding involving less risky alternatives for applications that are mission centric keeping cost into consideration. Business Outsourcing service has emerged from a niche technology management tool to a mainstream strategic weapon causing organizational excellence; reduce cost, branding and good customer relationship. Slowly and steadily, BPO is rising as a powerful and flexible way to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic goal in these days.

We offer following Core Services

  • highest standards of quality has enabled us to ensure quicker turnaround times.
  • Invoice Processing & Accounts Payable
  • Forms Processing & Account Opening
  • Check & Remittance Processing
  • Mail Processing
  • Mobile Data Capture
  • Document Imaging & Archive
  • Health & Medical Web Portal
  • Tele Marketing Services
  • Customer Interaction Services
  • Content Development
  • Inbound & Outbound call center services
  • Accounting & HR Services
  • Data Management & conversion Services
  • Network monitoring and Management
  • Web Design-Development
  • SEO and PPC Advertising
  • Web Based Services




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Developed Software

We develope our softwares and services after well planning. The life cycle is being followed strictly for any software development.