Automobile ERP

  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software for managing businesses basically it is collection of software that a company can use for collecting, managing, storing and interpreting data from various sources and activities of a process in production such as planning, cost; Manufacturing or service delivery, sales and marketing, Inventory management, Shipping and payment etc.

  In ancient productions were done by manual ways. There was no option for automotive productions. The companies required a lot of manpower for production process and high dependence on labor/workers. In old days, productions are not dependent operations and the subsequent progression of manufacturing production processes moved very slowly over the centuries. There were a lot of changes in production development from Egypt to America for producing more times in same and in less cost. At first, Assembly-line system of Henry Ford reduces cost and increase production.

  Software industry makes revolution in manufacturing industry after automation of production process. Automotive ERP software systems bring a new touch to the present automotive industry. It offers the wide range of options for their challenges. By using ERP software one can tackle easily with some specific need such as automotive components and accessories manufacturers which will enable you to survive in the global market for high quality and bulk production in less time with cost reduction.

Software is today the heart of many systems, and it will allow cars to do more than ever. Instead of being islands in a sea of traffic, cars will communicate with each other, with the road and even with the grid. Automakers realize this and are scrambling to develop unique systems that offer greater utility and convenience than their competitors. The competitive difference is today in the software, for cars just like for mobile phones. Modern cars already feature hundreds of sensors and more are coming to make our cars, and our roads,smarter. We’re seeing the development of autonomous cars, predictive,personalized traffic forecasts and even roads that analyze traffic data and share that information with drivers. We’ll soon go beyond that as the cloud comes to cars, opening up avenues we haven’t even thought of. If German researchers can build a thought-controlled car and college students in Virginia can build a car the blind can drive, anything is possible. The presence of sophisticated infotainment systems raises the issue of distracted driving, but also brings us to a broader question about the rate of innovation versus the evolution of the society. Cars that talk to each other, or even drive themselves, may seem outlandish or even absurd. But 20 or 30 years from now we may wonder how we got along without them.




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